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Miracle Data Corporation is a technology consulting firm that specializes in supporting small businesses, home offices, and start-up organizations. We provide on-site service across the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area, from the South Bay to Ventura, and Santa Monica to Pasadena — and all points in between. We also serve as a part-time Chief Technology Officer to support growing businesses with their technology operations, management and strategy.


Miracle Data Corporation

At Miracle Data, our premise is simple: computer technology is supposed to work for you - reliably and effectively!

Technology is supposed to deliver real value, real benefit. It's supposed to make your life easier and your business more profitable. Your hardware, software, and services should run seamlessly, without downtime - and without undue effort on your part.

That's where we come in. Our expert senior engineers get to know your specific needs. They take care of urgent problems and show you how to benefit from technology changes. Our teams are quick, efficient, and objective.  Whatever the computing, network, security, or other technology issue—whether it's improving the deliverability of your marketing emails, hardening your infrastructure against attacks from hackers, or the nuances of introducing artificial intelligence into your organization—we help you get it done.

With over 25 years in business, we have experience with hundreds of businesses, in industries including entertainment, insurance, law, manufacturing, and more. We also support many not-for-profit organizations!

Not getting the level of expertise and responsiveness you need from another service provider? Give us a call. Stop worrying and get back to work!

Small And Growing Business

We understand the particular needs of a small business - from frenzied start-ups to established enterprises. We are attentive to budget, and focus both on solving current problems and on minimizing future crises. We work to optimize your systems and to provide superior project management that consistently exceeds expectations and helps you meet your goals. 

We'll guide you through the selection of new technologies and advise you on their use - all in plain English.

Homes and Home Offices

Working from home became the norm at the peak of the pandemic, and many people continue to work from home at least some of the time. We understand the importance of a productive, comfortable, reliable, and secure home office. Whether an issue is urgent or routine, we'll help install, configure, repair and upgrade all of the critical technologies you need for your home office.

We'll advise you on new technologies and trends so that your productivity grows as technology improves - all while saving money on your investments.

About Us

Miracle Data Corporation is a technology consulting firm that specializes in supporting small businesses of up to fifty people, including start-ups, established companies, and home offices. We service the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area, from the South Bay to Ventura, and Santa Monica to Pasadena — and all points in between.

In addition to our work implementing, troubleshooting, and optimizing technology solutions for businesses, we are also strategic partners for our clients. We treat our clients' businesses as though they are our own businesses, providing objective and seasoned advice on technology choices. In some cases we take a formal role as an outsourced Chief Technology Officer, particularly with growing businesses that need a high level of strategic and management expertise to direct their technology.

We have extensive experience in networking systems, server solutions, disaster recovery, virus protection and removal, email security and deliverability, backup implementation, cloud services, mobile device management and wireless connectivity, as well as system upgrades, new technology procurement and planning/budgeting support.

Our approach is simple: We assemble some of the best senior engineers in the greater Los Angeles area. On average, each of our engineers have over 8 years experience in IS and IT support. Our people undergo a rigorous selection process, and we make sure that our team stays up to date with new technologies by providing ongoing training on new systems as well as on their business impact. The end result is that you get to leverage our collective expertise as you need it. You won’t have to guess about skills or competency; Miracle Data handles this for you.

Our company was founded and is led by Ken Kohn, a highly-regarded computer systems expert who has spoken at international trade conferences and been affiliated with many of the leading technology manufacturers.

No people in office with multiple computers at customer

How We Help Small Business Owners

Sure, you could find an old-time techie who’s now unemployed. Or, you could get a kid from a nearby high school or college to tinker with your systems (after all, that’s what most technology service groups do!). Miracle Data is different. We speak your language: the language of business.


At Miracle Data, we see IT as a means to reach your business objectives. We make sure we understand your needs, and we make sure your investments in and use of technology help you to achieve those goals.

We also have a proven commitment to serving the needs of not-for-profit organizations.

We save you money

Via outsourcing, optimization, effective maintenance and efficient project coordination.

We save you time

With our quick response and powerful solutions to problems.

We keep your team happy

By giving them the technical tools for professional success.

We tell you your options

But we handle implementation for you unless you to choose to be involved.

We know how to bridge your interests

Technical, strategic and operational. That’s how we make good on the promise of technology to support and improve your business.


How We Help Homes & Home Offices

Once upon a time, didn't you think computers would make your life better? We'll bet you did…that’s why your home or home office is full of sophisticated technology with lots of potential. But the problems can be incessant: the crashes, the spam, the general confusion. It just gets worse when you want to upgrade, go wireless or add new capabilities.

You could get a kid from a nearby college to tinker with your systems (after all, that’s what most technology service groups do!), but Miracle Data is different. We know how to get to the crux of any repair…any tune-up…any improvement…for virtually any software or hardware system. And we know how to explain your options to you, in clear, plain English.

home service

You invested in computer technology in order to get more done. We can help.

We save you time

with our quick-response and powerful solutions to problems.

We handle all the details for you, both urgent & routine

so you don’t need to get involved.

We keep your family happy, too

by helping everyone get the most out of their computer technology.

Responsive On-Site Support Throughout Los Angeles

We help our clients through personalized, highly competent, on-site support to offices and homes throughout the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area. Our engineers routinely visit client sites from Ventura to the South Bay, and from Santa Monica to Pasadena.

We can also provide proactive remote monitoring of our clients' infrastructure, so that we can often prevent problems before they occur, or mitigate issues rapidly without need for an on-site visit.

Whether your headquarters, branch office, or home is located in downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, Glendale, Pasadena, Encino, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Studio City, North Hollywood, Santa Fe Springs, Long Beach, or El Segundo, we've got you covered.

CTO Outsourcing

Many small and medium-sized companies may not have the need or budget for a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO), but they could still benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned technology executive who is highly familiar with the business and who can help direct their strategy and operations. To address this need, we provide tailored part-time CTO services designed specifically for small and growing businesses. Spearheading this initiative is our Founder and Senior Consultant, Ken Kohn.

Ken brings a wealth of expertise to the table, and is adept at orchestrating both in-house and outsourced resources across diverse sectors such as healthcare, entertainment, financial services, logistics and transportation, and education. His track record includes successful management of projects of varying scales, catering to the unique requirements of each client.


Hosted Services

MDC Remote Management

A key to our ability to provide highly responsive and cost-effective support for your technology infrastructure is the deployment of our Remote Management software on your computers, laptops, and other devices. This essential service empowers us to promptly assess the health of your computer systems and networks, and even to prevent minor issues from escalating into more significant ones.  With the capability for remote screen sharing, we can provide timely assistance at any time, often without the need for an on-site visit.  Moreover, our Remote Management software includes robust anti-malware protection, to help ensure the security of your systems against online threats.

MDC Disaster Recovery

Geared towards small businesses, MDC delivers a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution for your critical data. This includes establishing real-time backups of your servers, network storage, and other data to secure off-site servers that we manage, enabling you to promptly resume business activities - even in cases when some of your own infrastructure is offline - while our team tackles the disruption's root cause. Our tailored Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to fit your exact needs, infrastructure, and budget, starting from $125 per month.

MDC Backup

Ensure the security of your files with automatic backups for all your computers. We deploy enterprise-grade backup software, handling installation, configuration, and ongoing support. Guarding against hardware failures, user errors, malware, and more, data backup is critical for all businesses.  Your backups are stored securely, with data transferred via encrypted connections.  And, MDC Backup works with both on-site and cloud-based systems, including Macs, Windows systems, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, workstations, servers, laptops, and NAS systems -- providing comprehensive coverage for your business.

MDC Mail Security

MDC Mail Security is your comprehensive solution for securing and elevating business communications with ease. Utilizing modern email security protocols such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF, BIMI and more, our service will manage and safeguard your correspondence.  Our security services will not only detect and resolve errors but also can effectively curtail email spam ostensibly sent from your domain, thereby augmenting the deliverability of your legitimate email communications.

MDC MessageCenter

MDC Message Center provides secure email, contact and calendar services, designed for ease of use by small businesses.

MDC AntiSpam

MDC Anti-Spam & Email Archive offers affordable email anti-spam, anti-virus and email archive services for small and growing businesses of all sizes.