Miracle Data Corporation

At Miracle Data, our premise is simple: computer technology is supposed to work for you - right now!

Technology is supposed to deliver real value, real benefit. It's supposed to make your life easier. And computer technology should run seamlessly, without downtime - and without undue effort on your part.

That's where we come in. Our expert senior engineers get to know your specific needs. They take care of urgent problems and show you how to benefit from technology changes. Our teams are quick, efficient, objective.  Whatever the computer and networking issue—whether it's a straightforward email glitch or a complex security issue—we handle it for you. We also support many not-for-profit organizations!


Why You Choose Us

About Us

Miracle Data Corporation is a computer consulting firm that specializes in the needs of homes, home offices and small businesses utilizing between three and fifty computers. We service the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area, from the South Bay to Ventura, and Santa Monica to Pasadena — and all points in between.

We have extensive experience in networking systems, server solutions, disaster recovery, virus protection and removal, spam filtering, backup implementation and wireless connectivity, as well as system upgrades, new technology procurement and planning/budgeting support.

What We Do

Over View

Our approach is simple: We assemble some of the best, senior engineers in the greater Los Angeles area (on average, each of our engineers have over 8 years experience in IS and IT support). Our people undergo a rigorous selection process. We then provide ongoing training in new systems as well as the business impact of new technologies. The end result is that you get to leverage our combined expertise as you need it. You won’t have to guess about skills or competency; Miracle Data handles this for you.

We’re owned by Ken Kohn, a highly-regarded computer systems expert who is a member of the Apple Consultants Network and a Microsoft Partner.

Our web site design was originated by Internet Integration, Inc., for which we are very grateful.


Small And Growing Business

For small businesses, we solve your current problems, optimize your systems, minimize future crises, and provide superior project management to exceed your goals.

We'll guide you through the selection of new technologies and advise you on their use - all in plain English.

Homes And Homes Office

For homes and home offices, we handle all the details, whether urgent or routine. We'll install, repair and upgrade every one of your computer technologies.

We'll advise you on new purchases and trends so that you get the most out of technology - all while saving money.

Our Work

Our Services

Sure, you could find an old-time techie who’s now unemployed. You could get a kid from a nearby college to tinker with your systems (after all, that’s what most technology service groups do!). Miracle Data is different. We speak your language: the language of business.

At Miracle Data, we see IT as a support to your business objectives. So we remove the obstacles to achieving these goals.

We save you money

Via outsourcing, optimization, effective maintenance and efficient project coordination.

We save you time

With our quick response and powerful solutions to problems.

We keep your team happy

By giving them the technical tools for professional success.

We tell you your options

but we handle implementation for you unless you to choose to be involved.

We know how to bridge your interests

Technical, strategic and operational. That’s how we make good on the promise of technology to support and improve your business.

Our Clients