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IT Consulting Services for Small Businesses IT Services for Small Businesses and Residences


Sure, you could find an old-time techie who’s now unemployed. You could get a kid from a nearby college to tinker with your systems (after all, that’s what most technology service groups do!). Miracle Data is different. We speak your language: the language of business.

At Miracle Data, we see IT as a support to your business objectives. So we remove the obstacles to achieving these goals.

  • We save you money
    via outsourcing, optimization, effective maintenance and efficient project coordination.
  • We save you time
    with our quick response and powerful solutions to problems.
  • We keep your team happy
    by giving them the technical tools for professional success.
  • We tell you your options
    but we handle implementation for you unless you to choose to be involved.
  • We know how to bridge your interests
    technical, strategic and operational. That’s how we make good on the promise of technology to support and improve your business.
We also have a proven commitment to serving the needs of not-for-profit organizations.

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